20 Day Juice Cleanse (Day 1)

Just to recap the day. 

1Qt Filtered Water upon rising   
10:30a 1 Qt filtered water with juice of half a lemon 
11:30a 1 Qt filtered water with juice of half a lemon
12:30p Drank 1pt Juice pomegranate, orange, coconut water, e3live, filtered water (from previous day)
3:30 juiced 1 bunch celery, apple, 1 lemon, 1 bunch celery, 2 handfuls of grape, 3 cucumbers

This came to about 3 QTs juice, I drank all but one pint  (will drink after morning water for day2)

Other random water intake

So to sum up, I drank a gallon water and almost a gallon of juice ….pretty good intake

I did have some mild heartburn after drinking the evening juice.  Slight hunger throughout the day, weak, tired, fatigued and heavy sore limbs, I shed quite a few tears early morning, afternoon just dealing with some emotions I would have otherwise covered up. This is the best time to juice cleanse and the worse time all at the same time for me…as I am going through quite a bit of emotional turmoil, so in one regard its good to face these feelings head on, but dealing with them is not an easy task.

However I have the power to decide wether I will succeed or fail and Im not letting anything stop me from living my highest potential. This juice cleanse is simply a catalyst to jump start a whole new better me. I say this as I defiantly want to become a transformed individual all the way around. Im done living in agony, punishing myself and my body out of no self love.  It is time to stop being a victim to my past, to my upbringing, past and current traumas, its time to face the challenges of life and to overcome the obstacles set in my path there designed to only help me growth and become a bright light to help light the right path for others growth in health as well.